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Great visions are worth sharing. Learn how to create stunning 3D Presentations with our documentation.


Foveate is a Web platform built for 3D Professionals and Creatives. Drag and drop your 3D Models, Video, and Audio into Foveate to create powerful interactive presentations and experiences.
Our unique 3D Momentsᵀᴹ system lets you communicate complex spatial ideas and stories in an easy and simple way that anyone can use and understand. With Moments you can direct your viewer's attention exactly the way you imagined. With 3D Moments, anyone can press play and navigate your 3D scene like a traditional slide deck, no need to worry about them getting lost in your scene.
Every Foveate scene is instantly available to share on any device with a browser. Your clients and collaborators can view your designs no matter if they're on their phone, tablet, or computer, no app or plugins are required. Every Foveate also lets you securely set Public or Private permissions to make sure only the right eyes see your designs.

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We've put together some helpful guides for you to get setup with everything you need to make great shareable 3D Scenes. Use the sidebar on the left to navigate the docs or get started with general highlights below.
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