Foveate is multimedia first and accepts 3D Models, CAD, Videos, Audio, and Images. Drag and Drop in your assets andthey will appear in the Assets list.

We want you to feel empowered by Foveate, and not hindered by the limitations of technology, which is why we support all media types from CG, CAD, Video, and Audio workflows. We do our best to make drag-and-drop import of every media type as seamless as possible.

Anyone who is an Owner or Editor of your scene will be able to download any Assets from the list as well, making file sharing super easy.

Assets List

Once you drag and drop in an asset it will appear both in your scene and in the Assets List. The top half of the Assets List shows all of your assets across media types while the bottom panel shows the Details of the selected Asset where you can adjust properties unique to each media type. In the list you can toggle the Visibility of an asset, Lock it from being Selected, or Delete an asset. Once a model is selected you can press [ T ] to translate, [ R ] to rotate and [ Y ] to scale your 3D model.

Asset Details

Each Asset type has its own Details you can adjust like its Position, Rotation and Scale. Scale can be done either uniformly with the slider or unlock it to adjust it non-uniformly. There are some settings that are specific to each Media type. Here you can also click the Cloud Download icon to download the file to your device, making file sharing quick and easy.

Supported File Formats

3D File Formats

  • 3D - .gltf/.glb (.glb preferred), .fbx

  • CAD - .3dm (Rhino)

  • Point Cloud - .ply

  • AR - .usdz (Apple Augmented Reality)

Accepted GLTF Extensions
  • KHR_draco_mesh_compression

  • KHR_materials_clearcoat

  • KHR_materials_ior

  • KHR_materials_specular

  • KHR_materials_transmission

  • KHR_materials_iridescence

  • KHR_materials_unlit

  • KHR_materials_volume

  • KHR_mesh_quantization

  • KHR_lights_punctual1

  • KHR_texture_basisu

  • KHR_texture_transform

  • EXT_texture_webp

  • EXT_meshopt_compression

  • EXT_mesh_gpu_instancing

page3D Models

Video File Formats

Foveate accepts the following file formats for video import. You can use a free app like Handbrake to convert your videos to one of the following file formats.

It is generally recommended to keep videos small and short, i.e. 1080p resolution and under 30mb. You can upload larger files, however, this will significantly affect loading time of your scene, 30fps for the best visual performance.

  • .mp4

  • .m4v

  • .ogv

Image File Formats

Foveate accepts the following file formats for image import. Use .png or .webp for images that require alpha. Generally, WebP is preferred for faster loading time. Use can use a free batch image converter like XnConvert to convert your images to different formats.

  • .jpg

  • .png

  • .webp

pageVideos and Images

Audio File Formats

Foveate accepts most web audio file formats. Multiple audio files can be dragged and dropped into Foveate as well.

  • .mp3

  • .wav

  • .aiff

  • .m4a

  • .ogg


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