Videos and Images

Videos and Images can be dragged and dropped into Foveate to help you create even more engaging multimedia experiences.

Multiple Videos and Images can be uploaded and placed in a scene. A different video can be triggered to playback per Moment using the Media in the Moments Details, otherwise, a video will restart playback when you press the Play button in your presentation.

Video and Image Settings

Videos and Images are automatically created as planes in your 3D Scenes upon upload. You can click on the name of an asset in the file list to expand the controls for it. Clicking on the asset in the list will automatically show the transform gizmo in your 3D scene that will allow you to move, rotate, and scale your Media Plane.

  • Autoplay — Whether the video should start automatically playing in a scene or not.

  • Mute — Mute audio of media or not.

  • Double-Sided — Make the media render on both sides of the plane or not.

  • Curve — You can apply curvature to the 2D Media Plane to make it feel more immersive and less flat.

Video File Formats

Foveate accepts the following file formats for video import. You can use a free app like Handbrake to convert your videos to one of the following file formats.

It is generally recommended to keep videos small and short, i.e. below 2K resolution and under 30mb. You can upload larger files, however, this will significantly affect loading time of your scene.

  • .mp4

  • .m4v

  • .ogv

*Preferred encoding is .h264/.h265 at 30fps for optimum playback on all devices.

Foveate applies no compression so you can even upload an 8K video if you wish, however, this may not playback on all client devices.

Image File Formats

Foveate accepts the following file formats for image import. Use .png or .webp for images that require alpha. Generally, WebP is preferred for faster loading time. Use can use a free batch image converter like XnConvert to convert your images to different formats.

  • .jpg

  • .png

  • .webp

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