🧊3D Fundamentals

Foveate is a Collaborative 3D Visualization Engine meant to unify professionals from different industries and apps whether they 3D Modeling, CAD, 3D Scanning Apps or Game Engines.

Foveate uses the GLTF file as the main interoperable file since every popular 3D app now supports its export. It has many advantages over OBJ or FBX such as a native PBR materials workflow, armature and blendshape animation, cameras, lights, mesh compression and texture compression. It will be the definitive last mile format of the future.

The GLTF is the Delivery 3D format, designed to have all types of 3D information in the smallest file size, without any of the baggage of the original 3D file. Think of it like the .jpg or .mp3 of 3D.

See the 3D Export Guidessection to find out how to export from your favorite 3D app.

Other Formats

In addition, Foveate accepts 3DM, FBX, PLY, SPLAT and USDZ files.

Augmented Reality

For Augmented Reality (AR), Foveate uses the Apple USDZ format which opens natively on every Apple device, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Vision Pro etc.

See the Augmented Realitypage for more information.

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