Gaussian Splatting

Foveate allows for the upload and rendering of new AI-enhanced formats like Gaussian Splatting generated by apps like Luma AI and Polycam.

What is 3D Gaussian Splatting?

3D Gaussian Splatting represents a 3D scene as millions of particles โ€“ 3D Gaussians. Each 3D Gaussian comes with a position/orientation/scale, as well as an opacity and view-dependent color.

To render these particles efficiently, they are converted into 2D space (โ€œsplattedโ€), and then organized/sorted for performant rendering. You can think of them like 3D versions of a soft brush in Photoshop!


Foveate accepts .splat files for Gaussian Splats. You can convert a splat .ply file using tools like Supersplat from Playcanvas.


Supersplat is also great at editing Splats and can help you remove/cleanup your files. Then export as a .splat and drag and drop into Foveate.

Create Splats

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