Moments were designed to make viewing and interacting with 3D Scenes powerful and intuitive. They are spatial points you can use to frame views, activate media, and tell an immersive story in space.

With Moments you can present your vision exactly the way you imagined. No more wondering if someone is navigating your scene correctly, with Moments you're in total control of the narrative. Every Moment consists of a Camera POV (Point of View), Target, and data.

Add Moment

You can either use the Add Moments button in the tool dock or in the Moments List to create a new Moment. This will then pop up the Add Moment overlay. Here you can use the Target Distance Slider to adjust the Focus Point i.e. where the user camera orbits around. Use Reticle Scale to understand when the Target is intersecting with another object if you need to.

Moments List

After you create a Moment you then see the Moments list on the top right. You can double-click any item to rename it, single-click to go to that Moment, or drag to reorder your Moments.

Moments Details

Whenever you create a Moment the Moments Details panel will appear on the bottom left. These details are specific to each Moment and will automatically update during playback from Moment to Moment. There are three main tabs, Camera, Text, and Media.

Title — The title of the Moment.

View Moment — Click this button to jump to that Moment's Point of View.


  • Camera Position — The XYZ position of the Camera.

  • Target Position — The XYZ position of the Target.

  • Length — The time it takes the user camera to travel to the Moment.

  • Field of View — The zoom level at each Moment.

  • Edit Target — This will enable transform controls for the Target and you'll be able to move it freely. Once you

  • Edit Camera — This will let you take control of that Moment's Camera and pilot it. Reposition it and then save its new position by clicking Set Target.


  • Description — The text description that will accompany the Moment in playback mode.

  • Link — Here you can link to another webpage per Moment.


  • Video — Pick the video plane that will play at this Moment if there is one.

  • Audio — Pick the audio track that will play at this Moment if there is one.

  • 3D Animation — Pick the animation that will play at this Moment if there is one.

  • USDZ Augmented Reality — Pick the USDZ file that will be triggered upon button press of 'View in AR' on iOS devices. This will trigger AR Quicklook on iPhone and iPad and open the USDZ file in Augmented Reality. See our Augmented Reality section for more about this topic.

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