🏬Where can I find 3D Models?

Need 3D assets? You can try one of the resources below, or if you need custom assets optimized for Foveate, reach out to Foveate Labs.

Foveate Labs is the services and consultancy division of Foveate. Find out more here.

Where to find 3D Content Online

It can save a lot of time to find premade 3D content online to flesh out your scene. There are numerous places to find excellent GLTF models that can be imported into Foveate and manipulated to make beautiful scenes that communicate your ideas.

  • Sketchfab is the largest online 3D marketplace. You can find many paid and free 3D models which are all downloadable as GLTF. Sketchfab lets you preview models in 3D before you download them.

  • Asset Ovi is a search engine for 3D models that trawls many 3D storefronts including Sketchfab, CgTrader, the Unity Marketplace and more. Every download is a .glb file. Its search is powered by AI and you are able to search image and 3d model upload as well.

  • Adobe Substance Assets A library of thousands of materials, models, and lights. They have a range of untextured 3D models, materials, and HDR environments.

  • Polyhaven is a great royalty-free library of HDRi images, 3D models available as GLTF and other formats, and Textures for PBR materials.

  • Turbosquid is another 3D marketplace for models.

  • CG Trader is another 3D marketplace for models.

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