Oftentimes navigating 3D Scenes can be tricky and unintuitive, that's why we provide multiple movement controls for people of all experience levels.


Use Left-Click to Orbit, Right-Click to Pan, and Scroll to Zoom.


WASD for Move Forward, Left, Right, Back. The most immersive way to move through a Foveate scene is to hold left to look around while you use the WASD keys to fly freely through space.

Zoom in with scroll all the way to bring the orbit point as close to the camera as possible to mimic First-Person style navigation.

Zoom out all the way to mimic Orbital navigation like Blender or Rhino. You can also change the Max Zoom level in the 'Scene Settings' Camera dropdown.

E for Move Up and Q for Move Down.

Touchscreen and Trackpad

Use 1 Finger to Orbit, 2 Fingers to Pan, and Pinch to Zoom.

Augmented Reality (Apple Devices Only)

If 'View AR' is present in a scene and clicked, the iOs device will open as a USDZ file in AR Quicklook on iOS. Look around your space to scan the area for a flat surface and the model will automatically get placed in your space.

Then use one finger to drag the model around in space, two fingers to rotate or scale the model.

And don't forget you can walk around your model! Your body is the best controller when using AR. You will need your Ringer on to hear audio in a scene.

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