Convert to GLTF/USDZ

There are many ways to convert your existing 3D files to GLTF, the 3D Presentation format, and USDZ the iOS Augmented Reality (AR) format.

There are numerous ways to convert and optimize your existing 3D assets into GLTF and USDZ, we'll cover the unique benefits of each option.

Convert 3D

One of the best free solutions is Convert 3D, a free 3D file converter. Take our FBX, OBJ, STL's and more, and convert them to next-generation formats like GLTF and USDZ in no time. It supports over 50+ different 3D formats.

It is excellent for individual conversions, requires no sign-ups or logins, and runs all on the user's device so conversion is very quick and secure. The paid version allows for batch processing and automation.

Rapid Compact

Another solution that is more geared towards enterprises with thousands of existing 3D assets is Rapid Compact. RapidCompact is a SaaS cloud solution that helps companies convert and optimize 3D models for e-commerce websites, augmented reality applications, and online 3D experiences like Foveate.

It is best for enterprises or companies with hundreds of assets that require automated optimization and either secure cloud processing or on-prem processing.


For Blender users, there is the free Addon Transmogrifier. It is a Blender addon by Sapwood Studios for batch converting 3D files and associated textures into other formats - with an emphasis on visualization for the web and AR. Supports conversions between FBX, OBJ, glTF/GLB, STL, PLY, X3D, DAE, ABC, and USD/USDA/USDC/USDZ.

It is best for companies who don't mind a little manual setup and want a free solution to batch process and optimize models locally.

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