🚘Automotive and Transportation

Vehicles are complex, spatial products with multiple configurations and moving parts. Use real-time 3D to let your viewers understand them from any angle as if they were there in real life.

Design and delight

When you want to excite someone or shorten the design cycle, immersive experiences are the way to go. With Foveate, you can show customers every option in the catalog, take them on an interactive walkthrough, or iterate on designs, all in the same place.

Push the limits, right away

Achieve visuals out of the box that are as real as it gets. With built-in HDRis for realistic lighting and reflections, Post-Processing Visual FX, and Photorealistic Based Rendering (PBR) Materials, Foveate makes it easier than ever to create the type of awe-inspiring digital showrooms, configurators, and videos that sell your product before you even say a word.

Unifying the product lifecycle

Need a better way to unify the many teams responsible for taking its vehicles from vision to reality? We know your teams are laser-focused on specific modules of the vehicles and use different tools, and have no common language of communication. The parties only come together late in the lifecycle, when potential problems are more cumbersome to address but with Foveate people across departments from engineering to marketing have one place to see all of their assets visualized.

Faster Stakeholder Approval

Sending a 3D scene is hard, and navigating it is even harder. Foveate makes it easy to send a link to stakeholders and lets them navigate your 3D scene just like a slide deck. Combined with our Moments system for annotating your experience, they can fully grasp your designs and approve them instantly.

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