๐ŸŽคLive Events, Experiential, and Virtual Production

Pre-visualization is a tool in event and production design that allows creative teams to create a projected version of what the end product will look like.

Creative projects all start with a vision - an idea of the end product, and how its audience will experience it. The challenge is translating this vision into that final form, and keeping it as close to what was originally intended as possible. For larger productions, in which whole teams of creatives collaborate to try and form something that is greater than their combined parts, this challenge is still bigger. Pre-visualization offers teams working on complex creative projects the opportunity to collaborate and share ideas, cutting back on complications and better understanding the common goal theyโ€™re working towards.

Live Events

For complex live productions, this is an invaluable tool. Touring shows rarely have the opportunity to extensively test out production designs in each venue, loading in entire sets that might incorporate lighting and projections with less than a day to ensure everything is working as it should.

With Foveate, the most vital checks can be carried out before the crew even reaches the theatre. Each element can be mapped to the precise dimensions of the venue, and explored from different angles, providing confidence in every inch of the set.

Virtual Production

Pre-visualization also allows film and television productions to better prepare for filming. As well as offering those same benefits around pre-production set design, Previz enables crews to better take advantage of new advances in virtual production and augmented reality. Both technologies have seen an explosion in use and interest in recent years, but can offer complex challenges that are easily solved by the ability to create and adapt every element of the production before filming starts. Live broadcasters can understand where talent needs to stand to make the most of augmented reality elements, and film and television directors can prepare a variety of different set-ups, all accessible instantly, allowing them to film multiple options of scenes and make the most of their time on set.

Location Based Experiences

Experience design visualizations allow designers and event producers to better plan the space prior to production. When you design with the attendee's experience in mind, you can create a cohesive and memorable experience that will leave attendees with a long-lasting, positive memory of your brand. We can help you better plan the space by trying out a variety of layouts, determining flow and dimensions prior to production, which saves time and money during the production process.

Whether it be a small trade show booth, a huge party, a pop-up experience in a mall, an outdoor activation, or a major convention space, we can help you pre-visualize and plan.

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