ArchiCAD is an architectural BIM CAD software for Mac and Windows developed by the Hungarian company Graphisoft.

Exporting to 3DM (Rhino)

An ArchiCAD model exported to 3DM transfers geometrical information only, because 3DM handles only this type of data.

In 3DM, ArchiCAD elements are distinct, selectable elements. Relevant element attributes (surface color, texture) and the original ArchiCAD layer structure and grouped elements are retained.

Non-geometrical data (e.g. properties, tags, schedule data, quantities, etc.) are not transferred. Mapping of AC textures is not supported.

1.From the 3D window, use File > Save as Rhino 3D Model (.3dm) to export part or all of the ArchiCAD model to Rhino.

2.Click Options in the Save as dialog box to access additional options:

Surface Model

Choose this if you want the ArchiCAD element surfaces to retain their original colors in Rhino. Each multi-color ArchiCAD elements must be exploded into several Rhino elements.

Note: Although a single ArchiCAD element can have a different color for each surface, a single Rhino element can have only one color for all surfaces. Thus, to retain all the surface colors of a multi-color ArchiCAD element, it will be exploded into multiple elements – each with a different color – in Rhino.

Use the Surface Model option if you are using the exported ArchiCAD model for reference-model purposes (e.g. you are modeling part of the project in Rhino, and you want to see the surrounding environment – created in ArchiCAD - in their correct colors.)

Solid Model

With this option, ArchiCAD solid elements are interpreted in Rhino as a single Mesh or Polysurface element. Consequently, it will have a single color in Rhino (even if the original ArchiCAD element used different colors on different surfaces).

Use the Solid Model option, for example, if you use the Rhino model in a simulation, where colors are less important.

Export FBX

Within ArchiCAD, The Twinmotion add-on for ArchiCAD allows you to export your ArchiCAD 3D model to FBX. The add-on is installed by default. The main purpose of FBX format is to provide interoperability between digital content creation applications. The .fbx files allow computer- based creations to be opened, edited, and modified across many applications and systems.

Export Images

You can export images from ArchiCAD to Foveate in the JPEG or PNG format. Then drag and drop them into Foveate and they will appear as 3D planes.

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