Octane is one of the fastest unbiased GPU renderers. It has plugins for virtually every 3D app and is low-cost making it an excellent choice for small and medium teams.

Pre-rendered Lighting (Texture Baking)

Texture baking is a process where scene lighting is baked into a texture map based on an object's UV texture coordinates. The resulting texture can map back onto the surface to create realistic lighting in a real-time rendering environment. This technique is often used in game engines and virtual reality for creating realistic environments.

OctaneRenderยฎimplements texture baking as a special type of camera known as a Baking camera. Compared to the Thin Lens and Panoramic cameras, the Baking camera has one position and direction per sample. OctaneRender calculates these based on the input UV geometry and the actual geometry being baked.

For each sample, the camera calculates the geometry position and normal, then it generates a ray that points towards it using the same direction as the normal from a distance of the configured kernelโ€™s ray epsilon. Once calculated, OctaneRender traces the ray the same way it would do with other types of cameras.

Octane for Cinema4D

Octane Blender

You can use Blender Octane for free with 1 GPU, https://blenderroyale.com/octane/.

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